NKP Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd


About Us


Nkosi Koele & Partners was founded in 1997 by Mr. E Nkosi, Mr.  T.J. Koele and Mr.  A.P. Liebenberg.

Mr.Nkosi and Mr. Koele retired from the company in 2001 and Mr. A.P. Liebenberg sold the company to the current directors  in February 2002.


Nkosi, Koele & Partners is more commonly known as NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD


NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD is a professional consulting company offering professional services in ALL facets of both civil and structural engineering as well as project management and all other related functions and is set to take on the challenges of the engineering industry within the new South Africa.


NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD has offices in Middelburg, Nelspruit and Paarl and functions throughout (but not limited to) these regions and neighboring provinces.


NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD is currently a B-BBEE with 100% B-BBEE recognition and is an EME with a Construction scorecard (BEP) status level 4.


NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD is a limited liability company, managed by professionals (mostly civil engineers) and is entirely responsible for its own financing.


NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD has developed an employment equity policy which is committed to the empowering and developing of competent people with the necessary potential and abilities in order to advance the engineering industry in South   Africa and strives towards maximum empowerment, transfer of skills and job creation whilst continuously maintaining a professional level of service at all times.