NKP Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd




NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD promotes maximum empowerment, transfers of skills and jobs creation on all projects and activities, while maintaining complete transparency at all times. The Goal is reached through Labour Intensive Construction method (where feasible). This is done throughout the planning process through changes of approach towards the design, specifications and depends largely on the degree and quality of on-site supervision.

NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD is strongly committed to complete projects on time and within budget striving to always seek the optimum solution through the development of innovative design options utilizing appropriate technology consistent with the needs of our clients.

NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD follows a policy of triple checking all designs and drawings before they are released for construction and is continually improving the quality of work. We have compiled and collected a large library of standard information on all sub-disciplines based on prescribed South African Standards which is openly available for reference on all projects.

We considers quality construction supervision to be vital for the successful completion of a project and only use experienced staff for important site supervision duties and contract administration.


NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD has a mission and vision to continuously be a professional and innovative firm serving the Civil Engineering industry. Building your future on a foundation of excellence using teamwork, professionalism and the most efficient technology available for the project at hand. It is the pride of the company to always go beyond expectations of the customer providing customer service in every aspect of need while enjoying a work atmosphere where employees support, encourage and challenge one another to be their very best. Growing in the New South Africa alongside one another as the consultant of choice for any project at hand. To always excel especially in communication and cooperation in all spheres raising the bar on all levels to continually set a higher standard.

NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD is a member of the following related civil engineering institutions:

  • Engineering council of South Africa (individual staff members only) [ECSA]
  • South African Institute of Civil engineers (individual staff members only) [SAICE]
  • The institute of municipal engineers of South Africa (individual staff members only) [IMESA]
  • Consulting Engineers South Africa [CESA] {currently in progress}
  • International Organization for Standardization [ISO 9001]  {currently in progress}
  • South African Irrigation Institute [SABI]

NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD has associations with other disciplines within the civil industry and compiles project teams consisting of Project Managers, Project Facilitators, Social Facilitators, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Surveyors, Town and Regional Planners and Environmental Consultants.

NKP Consulting Engineers (PTY) LTD policy on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements for professional registration is as follows:

  •  Full financial and planning responsibility to enable professionals to attend applicable courses as required by the various professional bodies falls under the company
  • Specialized development and training in the field of Civil Engineering for identified professional members of the company’s staff is followed to ensure a high quality of technical service at all times.
  • In-house mentoring program is available for all staff in the various areas of expertise that the company offers.
  • It is the policy of the firm to not only employ suitable qualified PDI / HDI / UDI personnel but to train existing      staff to develop new skills and carry out more responsible work.